Hello to all who read my blog:-)   1 comment

This is my very first Blog, so be gentle *smiles*


Posted September 19, 2010 by greeneyezwinkin3@aol.com in Uncategorized

One response to “Hello to all who read my blog:-)

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  1. I thank God that he brought me into our mother life both of your ment the world to me you have and always be my Sister I’m sitting here in the liberty writing this to you because i Love you Sis and i missed mom real bqadly if she was here she would be very proud of you as i am. this is for those who read your blog and beleived what i said God is Good all he want is for the world to live as one big happy familey and we love each other take it from me I have two familey now and my sister is a part of me she had met my real mother her and her mother and we all became very close that not lie. I’m writing this because right now i live in New York city and one day i’ll be with my sis again some time very soon.

    Ps. I Love you Sis see you soon hang in there it won’t be long now your big bro
    Dennell Ross

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