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My Novel Has Taken On A Life Of Its Own…   Leave a comment

As you read this blog, try to keep an open mind. When I was younger I requested several times to speak with a shrink. My mother always complied. Somewhere down deep inside she must have known that we, as a parent-child did not communicate well. She was a social worker but, never found the right tools to speak to her only daughter without spite, anger and maybe even jealousy. At fifteen I had a psychologist who helped me to start the process of accepting the fact that I did matter in this life. She guided me from my microscopic handwriting into letters and words that could be seen and read. Our last meeting together was quite interesting. Maria explained that there had been a conflict of interest and she was backing out of our sessions. A kind, older man would replace her. At first it didn’t sink in. She was speaking but I heard no sound. She then repeated her statements to me. “I have written my thesis paper on your life and I can’t see you again” she said.

Looking back, I took her actions as a compliment. Somewhere out there was a college student who went for her Master’s degree based on a teenager’s life.

My life has been a crazy ride. After my separation from my transgender husband I began keeping a journal. My divorce came and the pages grew into a novel. My non-fiction novel has a life of its own. Yes, I have written a novel based on my own life, my memoirs in a sense. I work on it daily because not only do I want to publish one day but, after I graduate in three semesters with a second bachelor’s degree I plan on going on with my master’s degree. The best part is I am using my book as a foundation for my thesis paper.

Irony at its best!!!!!