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I’M WRITING A SCREEN PLAY!!!   Leave a comment

I can’t believe it! I am working on my last fifty pages of my revision for my Autobiography, not a memoir as I first thought. Go figure. I will be adding one final chapter and that will be the tell all of how I changed my societal label one last time, to a QUEER WOMEN.  In the meantime, I have begun writing a Screenplay loosely based on my book. It’s in the Thriller genre. It about A woman and an FTM confronting a series of obstacles and discovers something new about their selves and loved ones. I can’t give too much away but, I will say it involves a murder plot, illegal drug trafficking by a high up official, the transition of a female to male transgender, divorce, and cheating. The plot themes are: Absolute power corrupts/Good triumphs over evil. My plot goal is to defeat an enemy.

I am finding it an awesome experience.

I spent weeks researching how to put a screenplay together before I began my new adventure. I downloaded a program for writing screenplays since they truly have their own format. I would recommend all writers experience this type of writing as it expands ones horizon’s into the unknown.

Wish me luck!!!


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