A Personal Loss…Pitzala ~ My Baby With Paws   Leave a comment

I inherited two seniors cats when my mom died five years ago, February 17.

I have children with paws, felines. My kid’s ages range from six to twenty. A month ago my seventeen year old started having liver issues. I have a vet that makes house calls, Dr. Mike (super awesome, kind, has a giant heart and a man who actually cares!). If you live in the Sarasota, FL. area, call for the best doctor in town: (941) 480-9707, tell them Danelle sent you.

I came home on February 14 around 6 PM. Pitzala was going downhill fast. At 6:15 PM she cried out a death call as she gripped the carpet. I hysterically called the emergency number and Dr. Mike wasted no time. In ten minutes he was at my door. He examined her and gave me two choices. To give her a “feel better” shot or to end her life.




The question then became, will I be selfish and think of my own feelings or do the right thing for a child that was in pain. The most difficult decision for anyone to make. I chose what was best for my baby, I sent her to heaven where pain does not exist.

Dr. Mike said, “You made the right choice.” He gave her a tranquilizer and pet her while softy speaking to her. She then walked to her safe spot in my closet. I believe she wanted to die on her own terms. He then administered the final shot.

Pitzala was the mama of the house; she cared for and loved all of her family members.




I love you Pitzala and always will. You will always be in my heart. I now know that heaven must have needed another angel!

 I will look for you in the next life.


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