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Introduction and Goals Segment

I have selected a bachelor degree in Business, Management and Economics with a concentration in Business Management since it matches my professional goals and aspirations providing me with a comprehensive perception for the future. I have been employed in the field of accounting for many years and found it to be a challenging and dynamic field as it is continually enhancing my basic skills and quantitative analysis for big business environments. The result from this recognized education will train me for leadership positions because of the knowledge, analytical, and critical thinking capabilities developed in this curriculum.

Between my work experiences and total educational program I will utilize both theory and practice as tools to construct an extensive base to enhance my abilities and goals of becoming a qualified manager. Strengthening certain academic areas of my education is imperative. Certain courses will help me implement the study of management and understanding of an organizations function. Planning and control, tools of modern management, and the ways in which managers perform certain functions such as production, marketing, finance and developmental relations are crucial for this profession.

Upon graduation I will have increased my marketability with a business management degree from a highly regarded, progressive institution. In today’s business world, being an effective manager will demand much more than giving orders, meeting deadlines and increasing profits. This program will help me accomplish my professional goals of being a forward-thinking leader with the ability to positively transform the work environment. I will go beyond management basics to master organizational theory, apply performance improvement concepts and explore the nuances of developing an integrated team while increasing my unique leadership style.

My professional career options within a five to ten year plan that will be available are administrative support supervisor, general manager, team leader, quality control manager or an operations/production manager. Becoming a more fully educated individual will emphasize my development of knowledge for effective teamwork, communication, and leadership which are the characteristics employers value highly.

Academic Expectations

This rationale essay of Academic Expectations consists of comparing three different colleges throughout the United States. Each university had a set of standard requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Economics. These college courses were correspondingly similar to Empire State College. The colleges I examined for a concentration in Business Management were Emmanuel College, Ferris State University, and Berkley College.

Emmanuel College provided detailed information regarding courses necessary for their degree planning. This college separates their courses as Upper and Lower divisions. The upper management division courses required for a business management concentration are: Ethical Decision Making, Human Resource Management, Corporate Financial Management, Management Information Systems, Organizational Behavior, Business Law, Gender Issues in Organizations, International Management, Introduction to Business Research and Business Policy. Whereas, the lower division classes necessary to complete are: Micro/Macro Economics, Principles of Accounting I & II, Principles of Marketing, Management, Introduction to Computers and Introduction to Statistics. The general studies required for this curriculum are Money banking and the Economy, Economic History of the Western World, Government and the Nation’s Economy, Managerial Economics, English Composition, Writing for Professionals, Survey of Western Civilization I & II, Project Management, Financial Markets, and Speech Communication.
Ferris State University had a very informative catalog concerning a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. This university has a break down of three categories for the necessary courses to be fulfilled by a student and referred to them as business core, major and general study courses. The business core courses required are Principles of Accounting I &II, Integrating Experience, Contract & Sales, Financial Management I, Business Information Systems, Applied Management, Quality/Operations management and Introduction to Statistics. The major courses described are Managerial Accounting, Employment Law, Leadership in Small Group Communication, Principles of Micro/Macro Economics, Financial Management II, Cross-Cultural Business, Project Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resource Management and Advanced management Cases/Problems. This degree requires completion of the general education courses. These classes are Communication Competence, Scientific Understanding, quantitative Skills Math, Cultural Enrichment and Social Awareness.
Berkley College mandates three divisions of business, major and liberal art courses to be completed for this concentration. The major courses are Principles of Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, Operations Management, Managing with Information Systems, and Developing Managerial Competence. The business courses combine Financial Accounting I, Managerial Accounting, Business Organization and Management, Mathematics for Business, Business Law I, Business Strategy and Policy, Principles of Finance, Principles of Marketing, International Management, Computer Essentials, Spreadsheets and Database Management Applications and Advanced Database Management Systems. Liberal Arts section entails English Composition I, II & III, Oral Communication, College Algebra, Statistics, Group Dynamics: Collaboration and Leadership, Psychology, Macro/Micro Economics, Science Elective, Social Science Electives, Humanities Electives, and Liberal Arts Electives.

Reviewing many colleges has given me the insight that I am preparing a logical progression towards my concentration. My degree plan is carefully structured to accomplish the goal of receiving a BME from Empire State College. I will have received instruction in a variety of general business courses to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the field of business. A business management major is also required to complete a set of required courses regarding different aspects of managerial work, such as international business, and management leadership. In addition, I have the opportunity to customize my major towards my interdisciplinary concentration.

In conclusion, after researching different college programs I came across some differences regarding the requirements of additional courses and titles of classes offered for a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Economics compared to Empire State College. Therefore, I am in compliance with the Area of Study Guidelines and have met the required guidelines for my concentration. The courses remaining to be completed for the degree planning program are International Business, Managerial Leadership, Human Resources Management and Development, Images of Women and Western Civilization, Reflective Learning and Sex and Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective: Advanced.

Professional Expectations

In order to be a productive professional in today’s working environment an individual is expected to posses a range of general skills including high-quality writing abilities and the capability to filter information acknowledged from certain topics. Communication is crucial in any specialized field as well as computer skills and utilizing software programs with specific applications including spreadsheets. Therefore, a competent person must be able to work with constant change because the field chosen in today’s challenging workforce is continuously transforming. The professional expectations essay contains an investigation from two sources: Occupational Outlook handbook and the website.

Professionals in the field of business management are required to possess the ability to focus on managing people and processes with interpersonal skills. Students attending Empire Sate College gain a basic breadth in practical comprehension through the core curriculum according to the Area of Study and Concentration Guidelines. This curriculum will enhance my employability in the field I have chosen incorporating current and future professional expectations while incorporating such courses as Organizational Behavior, Managerial Leadership, Business Ethics, General Psychology, Cost Accounting and Business Law.
Employers today are looking for qualified individuals with a Bachelor’s degree and background experience in accounting, management and economics. Undergraduates who are preparing for a higher educational program are expected to prepare for graduate work in this profession with a curriculum which incorporates coursework in statistics and economics. Courses which will prepare students for the advanced levels are financial and managerial accounting, organizational behavior, human resource management, business law, management information systems and international business.

Particular college courses are utilized by professionals currently working in the field of management and have found them helpful to their career development. These individuals have benefited from all course work yet; the usefulness of the combination of economics, human resource management, international business and managerial leadership strengthens ones fundamental knowledge of the business world. These areas of comprehension increase the understanding of the nature of concepts and theories in today’s business environment while applying the theoretical approaches to a multitude of practical problems expected to be encountered in the functional areas of business.

Predominant areas of management in the future that professionals need to focus on are planning, controlling, leading and organizing. Subsequently, these functions are likely to change the expectations of the business world. A multitude of factors will change the practice of management such as diversity in the workplace and the progression in computers and equipment.
I reviewed the local Oklahoma newspaper The Shawnee News Star as a source of research for positions that are available for degreed individuals with a concentration in management. Salary levels depend on the geographic locations of an organization and the type of business. Therefore, a salary can range from entry level management of $25,000 and an individual can have the potential of becoming a general accounting manager salaried at $64,000. My professional goal is to acquire a position that is challenging as well as rewarding in the field of business.

Degree Structure and Design

The overall purpose of a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Economics with a concentration in Business Management is to enhance one’s knowledge in critical thinking strategies, including reasoning, problem solving, analysis and evaluation. To obtain this degree it is imperative that I increase my abilities in academic skills by understanding basics of mathematics and statistics. Progressing in a business environment requires effective oral/written communication skills, expressing awareness of ethical principles and obtaining the comprehension of accessing and utilizing today’s information technologies. To successfully achieve my professional goals there is a logical outline of course structure guidelines that must be met. My concentration consists of a curriculum that enhances my background in accounting which is portrayed in the independent study contracts which I have selected and meet the AOS guidelines.

The organizing structure for this program of study begins with a foundation in organizational theory, accounting, marketing, leadership management and psychology. The business management concentration provides the analytical core with a focus on international business, human resource development and legal regulations. Business courses will create opportunities for educational learning of the workplace as well as reflection on economic, social and cultural issues providing a framework for personal and professional growth and is the foundation which will prepare me for any field related to business management.

A solid foundation is incorporated within my curriculum as a collection of courses that address the breadth expectation requirements of Empire State College. These classes became useful in providing organizational and managerial conceptions in the field of business. The courses I have completed in compliance for the degree planning program are Discrete Mathematics, General Psychology, Topics of Physical Science, Group Dynamics, Composition I, Micro/Macro Economics, Statistics, Themes of American History and Introduction to Computers & Business Information. The collection of these studies are extensive areas of knowledge providing a desirable breadth of learning with the framework in useful quantitative theories, concepts and a foundation that may prove helpful in my understanding of organizational and management concepts.

In order to develop my awareness of the market structure and overall economic movements I enrolled in Micro Economics which educated me in the area of problem solving, utilizing economic principles and analyzing individual decision making which met the area of study guidelines. The theory of consumer performance and the production of cost decisions for an individual firm are also analyzed. I acquired knowledge on marketing price determination, the influences of price/cost to the consumer, producer behavior, and the importance of seller competitions which is pertinent information in becoming a proficient manager. This progression guided me to Macro Economics, an introductory investigation of overall economic activity, including income, production, employment and prices. Many alternative theories and policies were examined toward economic stabilization and growth enhancing my knowledge towards my vocational choice.

The introduction to the Area of Study Guidelines is a framework of principles which enhances the preparation for a degree program. Acknowledging the advice from my mentor regarding the appropriate curriculum for achieving my bachelor degree has given me the proper foundation necessary to continue with my education. Empire State College has academic expectations which allow me to incorporate a concentration in business management which enhances the development of my knowledge in areas towards my major such as accounting, marketing and economics.

The SUNY General Education Requirements for Business, Management and Economics are essential for me to meet given that I matriculated before January 1, 2004 and transferred with a total of 72 credits from Baruch College and LaGuardia Community College. It is necessary to have 45 advanced level credits for an effective program to demonstrate depth, diversity and progression towards my degree. I have chosen courses that address these different areas. It is apparent that having a bachelor degree concentration will clearly move my academic awareness from lower to intermediate to advanced-level studies.

My major is a cohesive combination of courses, including introductory, intermediate, and advanced course work that designates my primary area of specialization. I have been building on this selected curriculum while being employed in the accounting field. It became a natural progression for me to pursue an academic emphasis in this area of study which helps me obtain an increased knowledge of the natural sciences, mathematics, statistics, accounting and technology as demonstrated by the successful completion of those required for a General Education program.

I will be enrolled in the course called Images of Women and Western Civilization an advanced level depth learning course which meets the guideline requirements. This part of my curriculum is an examination of women’s contributions to the development of Western civilization. I fulfilled the obligation for Introduction to Statistics, the breadth of learning and I increased my awareness on the subject of competent consumers concerning statistical results, variables, probability and sampling.

The succession of my educational studies became transitional in Principles of Accounting and Cost Accounting. I was able to apply my experiences working in the field of accounting to these courses. I became intrigued by the theory and practice of cost accounting with emphasis on its use for planning and control. This curriculum introduced the concept of budgeting, standards, and profitability analysis. The combination of these areas increased my consciousness concerning income measurement, and financial statement presentation for business organizations, and the processes through which these principles evolved in the accounting cycle.

Law of Business Organization and Legal Environment of Business I helped me to understand the legal ramifications of a business. The introduction to the legal system within which business organizations operate, as well as ethical considerations and social and political influences that affect organizations by changing the legal system.

My syllabus incorporates an upper level class called Organizational Behavior which will help me to understand individuals and the managing of employees in the workforce not only as a group but as an organization. This course combines the psychology, management, and organizational theory with statistics and economics. I will be enrolled in an upper level depth course which represents Business Ethics, which will examine ethical issues in the context of business theory and practice. These courses met the general guidelines essential to demonstrate the familiarity of this specific concentration and is an essential as part of my degree learning program.

Professionally speaking, my degree in Business Management and Economics will help me in the development of interpersonal and management skills as well as developing a long-term perspective and value system which will serve me throughout my career. This knowledge will help me to obtain a solid conceptual grounding in management disciplines and develop competencies to become a highly effective individual.

In conclusion, attending Baruch College and completing my bachelor degree with Empire State College will be extremely beneficial to continuing my educational goals. I am prepared professionally as an individual to move forward in today’s multifaceted and increasingly changing business world with the degree program I have specifically chosen. Therefore, I am complying with the Area of Study Guidelines and have met the requirements for my concentration. Below is a synopsis of the Breadth and Depth courses that make up my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management and Economics with a concentration in Business Management:









Composition I

Communication Skills




Themes of American History I





General Psychology





Urban Study Creative Writing

Communication Skills




Topics in Physical Science





Group Dynamics

Understanding People in an Organizational Context




Marketing Foundations





Discrete Mathematics

Quantitative Skills




Public Policy





Micro Economics





Elementary Spanish II





Fundamentals of Management





Introduction to Computers and Business Information Processing

Information Management




Principles of Accounting



Images of Women and Western Civilization


Statistics: An Activity Based Approach



Organizational Behavior

Understanding People in an Organizational Context

Macro Economics



Business Ethics

Ethical and Social Responsibility




Managerial Leadership





Cost Accounting





Sex & Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Understanding Organizations within Broader Contexts




International Business

Understanding Organizations within Broader Contexts




Human Resource Management and Development







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