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I have been told I am a rare breed and the Keirsey test confirmed it by stating, “Your temperament is the Idealist (NF). This score discussed that Idealists are relatively rare, making up no more than 15 to 20 percent of the population” (Keirsey, 2014). In taking it one step further, my four letters are ENFJ representing the idealist teacher. It was interesting to note that my four letters for Myers-Briggs test was ESFP signifying the performer. How is it possible that there can be a change in personality, across a short interval of a couple weeks in between the two tests, when such a change should not occur because personality does not change? The reliability is then questioned as mentioned by Pittenger (1993), “Tests that are highly reliable are preferred because we can be sure that we will get the same result each time we measure the same thing” (p. 54). This tells me that my learning is a mixture of these two personalities. It is possible that depending on the situation different characteristics will rise to the occasion in order learn. My learning is a complex and unique incorporating physiological/perceptual learning, cognitive learning, and affective/personality to enhance my various social learning preferences including feedback and recognition (Galbraith, 2004, para. p. 136).

My learning style (s) represents me and how I want my life to be significant in helping to create a world that is a better place for others. It depicts my concerned about others, being empathetic, having a need to share my knowledge, and caring. It reflects the need for a holistic learning environment that incorporates all my senses. A weakness that was noted in which I must work on would be how I am good at seeing large patterns, but can miss small details (Keirsey, 2014). Yet, according to the Myers-Briggs test results, “They are grounded in reality and are usually keenly aware of the facts and details in their environment, especially as they pertain to people. Once again I believe the difference arises in differing situations. For instance, I am keening aware of details while being a waitress, and yet I can recall a conversation I had with the CEO of a company in which I was an accountant. It went something like, “I don’t understand how I can hand off the most complex problems and you solve them, but the little ones you can’t grasp.”

I have learned from the Myers-Briggs report that being an accountant is an occupation that is unpopular among ESFPs. I am still in the process of developing this characteristic as I learn and grow. Therefore, my learning style reveals that I am better in solving practical and people centered problems. My style also lets me know that I am a researcher who questions much about life and becomes more enlightened when I find a resolution or at least a logical answer. It also confirms my creative side in which I will be able to utilize in a learning environment.

I believe this new information will help me as a learner as both of these reports have confirmed one thing. I am on the right path as my goal to become an educator coincides with my learning style (s).


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Youtube video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5g9kCAB1X4&list=PL1zPxLV194pNyigIDhnFGnyeHw0C6rMc5


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