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I am a grad student going for my master’s degree in Adult learning.

I am gypsy. I have been doing spiritual cards readings for people most of my life. Extremely accurate. I use 36 out of 52 of a regular plain deck of cards.

I have been told by many I am a pioneer women in the field. I believe this is the first book ever written under this category of spiritual cards reading for a pet.

I have always been connected to the animal kingdom. I wrote a book called “Spiritual Card Readings and Your Pets” a how-to, self-learning pet psychic book that shows how to utilize a plain deck of cards, thirty-eight out of the fifty-two and read them gypsy style to connect with a pet.

When a reading is done, one hears from a pet, their thoughts, feelings, past, present, and future journeys. It is a card spread consisting of eleven cards that opens the door to the animal kingdom. Each card carries meaning and there are twelve questions that are answered within the spread. Included in the book are the images of the thirty eight cards, the face cards display pet heads (cat, dog, bird, etc.) superimposed on the traditional looking cards for example, the Jack of Hearts has the head of a parrot. The number cards reflect symbols of pet toys.

The target audience for this book is a combination of those who own pets, love their pets, want a deeper understanding of their pets, and who has a piqued interest in card readings for example, tarot. The reader’s ages may range from the teenage years into older adults who reside anywhere in the world. It is a how-to book that has its own audience. It is written for those who have questions and are looking for answers directly from their pet.

A reader will purchase the book “Spiritual  Card Readings” and your pets” because it opens the door to questions that they have which need answering regarding a pet (from behavior issues to health). The cost of getting pet psychic reading can range from $100 – $400.00 for an hour session, either on the phone or in person. The empowerment of a reader comes into play not only with new knowledge gained from the hands-on reading of a pet (whether past, present or future), but knowing that the price was more within range of what is considered affordable to the average person.



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