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Lessons to be learned in this life. Who ever said life was fair? Life is what you make of it. I still hear my mother’s voice as she taught these truths and instilled all of this wisdom into me.

My mother was a social worker for 20 years, loved by her clients as they all called her, “Mom.” She had worked for different agencies and even in Ryker’s Island New York City’s jail facility counseling inmates.

One moment in time enhanced our lives forever when she was employed at a home for neglected children…homeless children. It was there that she befriended a young African American boy about to turn 18. He had been sent there for juvenile protection. It was a cold place, but at least he had a roof over his head and food to eat. It was state mandated that once reaching the legal age that the child now adult be given $50.00 and told to go and face the world, on his own…alone.

The picture below picture was taken because my mother loved make-up and photography.

Brother and sister

I was 13 years old and lived upstate New York in the Hudson County Valley area when my mother came home with the news, “I have been counseling a young man who was going to be placed out into the cruel world without any help. I wanted you to know that there will always be people in need, but if I could help just one of them…” My mother had a heart of a saint. She opened up our home to a lost soul. It wasn’t soon after he moved in that I realized I had found the brother I never had.

How would I describe him? He was a very tall, handsome…black man. We instantly began a friendship and a sibling bond that followed almost immediately. His heart was pure and he reminded me of a big marshmallow…sweet inside. He had become my confidant as I was his. We shared our hopes, dreams and pains that we had gone through…even at our young ages. My mother was proud that she had a son and would boast to all who listened. We adapted him with our hearts. It was a bond that we shared till this day as he would always call me his, “Lil sis” and I would see him as my, “Big bro.”

People come in and out of your lives, some stay while others go but, each serve a purpose and teach us a lesson that we will always carry close to our heart. ❤

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