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Working On My Master’s Degree in Adult Learning – Creative Side To My Research   Leave a comment

I only have a minute, but I wanted to share three parts of my research paper that I am working on: Gender/sexual orientation bias in research language. This is the creative part. First is a poem I wrote and after that is a Wordle project I created as to where I am in my research process. The third is an underwater sketch I created showing where I am in the research process.

As I reflect on language and its bias against gender and sexual orientation, I still have hope that one day change will occur in how researchers use their words that harm others.

I’m tired and yet my mind wanders…language has power

Before I lay me down to sleep

I pray for a world where language

is not biased

against gender

against sexual orientation

as we know the pain runs deep

One that takes responsibility for

and acknowledges

gender stereotyping

and learn how

not to hit us

below our core

as we know the pain runs deep

Let me dream of questions

for my research

where there are no labels

where hidden populations

can be seen and heard

where there’s not a

sexist word

Don’t always assume we all are


Don’t always assume

when using a pronoun

the world just needs to realize

what has been done

and it’s time to

make it right

as we know the pain runs deep

Realize how bias is seen and heard

every day in our words

our songs

our narratives

break the chain

to make the change

as we know the pain runs deep

In today’s research

the time has come to act

not just to dream

but make it a reality

as we know the pain runs deep


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Moving-picture-right-grey-arrows-on-black-button-animated-gif         Click to enlarge 🙂 Where am I in the Research Process? My Wordle tells the story:

Wordle: Creative Research Process Presentation

Where am I in the Research Process? My underwater world sketch tells the tale:

drawing -y