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I lived in Brooklyn and went to school at LaGuardia Community College in Queens for my Associate Degree then Baruch College in Manhattan for my Bachelor’s Degree (I was one class shy of graduating before my mother became ill and I dropped out to be with her). It is called the “City that never sleeps” for a reason. Whether I was out at a club in the city to the wee hours of the morning or catching a late movie, the trains and buses were always running to take me home. It was funny that living in such a chaotic city that one thing you could normally rely (except for the delays or strikes) on something was public transportation. What I don’t miss is the overcrowded trains and buses. I was always the one to give my seat up to some in need.

Living in Florida the culture is different and the city sleeps at 9 pm. The public transportation is also something to be desired. In New York a bus or train could come every fifteen minutes whereas, down here it’s once an hour and there is no need to offer my seat because the buses are never full.


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